- World's First Fairest Fairtrader - 2014 Dr.Sarath Ranaweera -


- Asia's Best Small Producer Organization - 2014 MOPA -


- Presidential Export Awards - 2015 Highest Value Added Exporter - Organic Products Sector



    Established in 1993, we are a devoted organic and fairtrade company based in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Bio Foods (Pvt.) Ltd is registered under the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) and is a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM). Our fairtrade standards ensure that all our producers receive a fair price for their products despite the fluctuating markets. The premiums they receive ensure a better standard of living in their communities. Due to the commitment towards his vision and ethical standing, the founder and the Chairman of Bio Foods, Dr. Sarath Ranaweera  won the first ever “World’s Fairest Fairtrader Award” in 2014.



    * Dedicated Partnership with MOPA , SOFA & WOFTA

    * ISO 22000 Certified Food Safety Management Systems

    * Certified Organic Processor

    * Certified Fair trade Processor & Trader

    * Strong Internal Control System

    * Our long term Credibility & Reliability in the Export Market

    * R&D Findings as a Technical Core-Competence


    To be the best environmental friendly Organic food producer in South Asia to achieve global customer satisfaction guaranteeing a sustainable Fairtrade approach for our primary producers and the employees of Bio Foods.  


    To establish higher overall standards of Organic and Fairtrade production through team effort of our primary producers and Bio Foods members.

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    We believe in organic and Fairtrade combination together as the tool to establish sustainability in small farmer projects. We guarantee that small farmers get a minimum income for their products. This enables us to obtain the produce that is required to cater to the growing demand of our buying partners.



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     The  Chairman  - Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd.






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    Bio Foods Pvt Ltd  confirms highest possible quality standards of their products by following prevention, detection & rejection procedures

    To strengthen the quality of food being delivered to the  valuable customers,  HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 certification for food safety management systems, obtained through  Intertek Moody  International.  Ceylon Quality Certificate (CQC) -  Three Stars rating for product quality in tea manufacturing industry was awarded to Bio Foods  Pvt Ltd by  the  Sri Lanka Tea Board.





    Why Organic..?

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    Environmental friendly, Culturally sensitive, Socially just, Economically viable. A sustainable agricultural method with an efficient management system

    Fairest Fairtrader-2014

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    A remarkable award to Dr.Sarath Ranaweera - Founder - Chairman of Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd to honour the service in Fairtrade

    Reawarding the Achivement

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    Presidential Awards 2015-Highest value added Exporter -Organic products sector - to mark the sucessful journey of 23 years

    Our Processing Units

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    Our-state-art of factories are located at raw material sourcing areas to reduce the loss of quality due to travel time, thus ensuring, quality of produces when it reaches your hand.

    Healing the Environment

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    We are proud to help our Mother Earth to heal the polluted soil due to the use of agro-chemicals. Our range of Eco Fertilizer developed to increase the yield, supports to sustain the organic farming system.

    Sustainable income for the Farmer

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    We uplift farmers' living status by ensuring a sustainable monthly income with minimum guaranteed price. We are pleased to extend it further, with the initiation of "Farmer-Out Grower" model in Mahauva project.



    New City Office Building Construction - Colombo




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